Criminal law practice with answers 16 questions

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Criminal law. Practical work 16 questions.

Practical tasks

Problem 1. A citizen of the Russian Federation Abrosimov in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan made the theft of another´s property, which he sold, and the money has got three grenades of the "F-1" and a homemade gun.

In the city of Syktyvkar day after robbing commercial stores, he was detained by police officers. When conducting a search at Abrosimova were seized grenades and homemade gun.

1. Subject to any Abrosimov responsibility for the theft of another´s property, robbery, illegal purchase and carrying of arms and ammunition under the Criminal Code?

2. Determine the kind of dispositions and sanctions in the articles of the Criminal Code providing for criminal responsibility for these crimes.

Task 2: Maintenance worker Mutalibov while working in the food warehouse stole 6 kg of flour cost 32 rubles.

Regardless of whether committed by Mutalibov criminality?

(Up to solve the problem, read the article. 158 of the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code st.7.27).

Problem 3. The elder student dormitory Limanov twice urged live in dormitories Artamonov not suit shower room in a public washroom, not intended for these purposes. When this was repeated once again, he is in the presence of other students oskor¬bil her, calling "pig". Artamonov asked the court to osu¬dit Limanowa for insulting (para. 1, Art. 130 of the Criminal Code). The court refused to hear the case, citing h. 2 tablespoons. 14 and misconduct of the Artamonova.

Is it legal to the court´s decision?

Task 4. Skobin left her octogenarian father of one patient in an unheated room, without food and leave the village for 5 days. A neighbor heard the request Brusova Skobin father for help, but did not have it. The victim died from hypothermia and starvation.

Are there grounds for bringing Skobin and lumber to criminal liability under Art. 125 of the Criminal Code? Determine the type of composition under Art. 125 of the Criminal Code, the structure and design of the objective side.

Task 5. The staff of the Federal Security Service of Russia at the exit of the Pskov region were detained and Gutmanis Poymanis, trying to smuggle out of Russia to export more than 50 icons of historical and cultural value.

1. What infringes socially dangerous act committed Gutmanis and Poymanisom?

2. Identify the subject of the offense.

Problem 6. Vedeneev call a plumber to change the sink in the kitchen. Rakov plumber came with a student Mokin. Replacing the sink, Rakov with Mokin left previously taking out of the refrigerator without the knowledge Vedeneyeva half a bottle of "work." In the courtyard Rakov poured vodka into a glass Mokin, and he began to drink from the bottle. After a few sips, they feel bad. Rakov died in the hospital, but doctors managed to save Mokina. As it turned out, the bottle was sulfuric acid.

Relatives demanded Mokina Vedeneyeva attract criminal liability.

Do Vedeneev violated safety precautions by placing the bottle of acid in the refrigerator, and whether it can be held criminally responsible?

Problem 7. Smith, US citizen on the instructions of one of the intelligence agencies collected information constituting a state secret of the Russian Federation.

1. Can Smith be the subject of treason (art. 275 of the Criminal Code)?

2. Espionage (Art. 276 of the Criminal Code)?

3. If Smith was a stateless person, then how could he be responsible for treason?

Problem 8. Gorkov, 73 years old, is intoxicated, climbed the stairs stairs behind him called citizen Serkov. Turning bitterly wobbled and lost his balance, fell, smashing her head.

Solve the question of guilt Serkova.

Task 9. Kochetov, deciding to kill Potokuevu, waiting for her near the road along the deserted building. Seeing Potokuevu, Kochetov of ohotniche¬go gun made it 2 shots, but missed. More he did not shoot

Additional information

1. As can be seen Kochetova action in terms of the doctrine of inchoate offense?
2. What is the difference between completed and uncompleted attempt to commit a crime?
Problem 10. Smirnov has committed a crime provided art.109 of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to two years´ imprisonment with a probation period of two years. During the trial period Smirnov committed theft of another´s property, for which he was convicted under Part 1 st.158 the Criminal Code to 2 years imprisonment.
What is the final punishment may be imposed Smirnov? What rules will be applied at the final punishment?
Problem 11. A police officer and commandant of the hostel Vlasenko textile factory workers "Summer Lightning" Plohova bypassed the room to identify and remove unauthorized persons. In the hallway of the third floor, they saw Basaladze, Yankov and Klemakova. In response to the demands of a policeman to leave the hostel Basaladze insulted Vlasenko, whereupon the latter went to the first floor to trigger a patrol to arrest Basaladze. Behind him there went Plohova, and behind them - Klemakov, Yankov and Basaladze. Getting off on the first floor, Vlasenko stopped. Plohova went to the duty room, where there was a telephone, and Klemakov Yankov - Vlasenko near the exit. At this time, I follow them Basaladze descended the stairs leading upstairs. Vlasenko, fearing reprisals from Basaladze, a pistol shot killed him.
Whether police officer had acted in self defense? Solve the question of responsibility Vlasenko.
Problem 12. Somov convicted of a robbery (Art. 162 of the Criminal Code) to 3 years´ imprisonment with a fine of 10 thousand. Rubles.
1. Does the law of punishment?
2. what kind of punishment is the penalty?
Problem 13. Agarkov was convicted for violation of traffic rules, resulting in the death of two people on the hour. 5, Art. 264. The court sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment with confiscation of the vehicle and the deprivation of the right driving for a period of 2 years.
1. Assess the legality of the court´s decision.
2. How many and what kind of additional penalties may be imposed for the commission of a crime?
Problem 14. Beads in a state of extreme intoxication, New Year´s Eve 2000 of hooliganism killed his friend. Fearing liability, he went to his family in the near abroad and lived with them for about 7 years. April 25, 2007, he was arrested.
Can I Sharikova exempt from criminal liability in connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations?
Problem 15. Malashenko was convicted of the theft of another´s property to two years of correctional labor without imprisonment and punishment completely departed. A year later, the staff of the shop where she worked Malashenko, filed a request for early withdrawal from her criminal record, justifying his decision by saying that it is exemplary behavior and honest attitude to work has proved his correction, and criminal record prepyat¬stvuet increase Malashenko career .
Give your answer to the petition.
Task 16. The 14-year-old chick was sentenced to compulsory work for 4 hours per day, a total of 170 hours.
Is it legal to the verdict?

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